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Image by Martin Péchy

Will Teach You How To 
Empower Your life With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient art of living in harmony with our environment. 


While these practices go back thousands of years, they also have a powerful impact on our modern lives.


Over the past two years, the worldwide pandemic has left many of us feeling anxious, upset, and uncertain of our future.


But now, we can use these Feng Shui principles to create a brighter outlook for our spaces and our future.


For this Summit, the theme is "Empowering Your Life," and we are bringing in special focus on:

  • How to understand and deal with clutter and hoarding

  • Assessing and healing GeoPathic Stress energies

  • The connection between Astrology and Feng Shui

  • As well as many other fascinating topics!


You can check out the full schedule below.


Join us for this very special Summit!  Over a period of two days, you will learn from a wide range of experienced Feng Shui experts, who will offer you valuable tips for transforming your home, your office, and your life.


The weekend event is free.  And, if you would like future access to the teachings, you can subscribe to the recordings of the sessions for an entire year.  


We look forward to having you at the Summit!  And we invite you to tell your friends about this upcoming event.


See you then!


-- Your host, The London School of Feng Shui

"Feng Shui is the art and science
of creating healing spaces"

   - E J Shaffert, Director. London School of Feng Shui

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Watch these highlights from the Online Summit, October 2020:

Image by Jeremy Thomas

International Feng Shui Summit
Saturday 23rd October 2021


  • 2:45 pm UK  (9:45 am NYC):  Welcome by E J Shaffert, London School of Feng Shui

  • 3 pm UK  (10 am NYC):  Helen Sanderson "The Psychology of Clutter"

  • 4 pm UK  (11 am NYC):  Lois Kramer-Perez "Say Hello and Know! Intro. to Face Reading" 

  • 5 pm UK  (12 pm NYC):  E. J. Shaffert "Healing the GeoPathic Stress Under Your Home"

  • 6 pm UK. (1 pm NYC):  Elliot Tanzer "AstroCartoGraphy Maps: Finding Your Best Place to Live" 

  • 7 pm UK  (2 pm NYC):  Kristina Hollinger  "Empower Your Children with Feng Shui!" 

  • 8 pm UK  (3 pm NYC):  EJ Shaffert, Wrap Up

  • 8:15 pm UK (3:15 pm NYC) End

International Feng Shui Summit
Sunday 24th October 2021


  • 2:45 pm UK  (9:45 am NYC): Welcome by E J Shaffert, London School of Feng Shui

  • 3 pm UK  (10 am NYC): Susan M. Chu "Cultivating Qi with Crystals & Feng Shui" 

  • 4 pm UK  (11 am NYC): Laurent Langlais "How to be lucky with the right Feng Shui"

  • 5 pm UK  (12 pm NYC):  Kate MacKinnon & Ophira Edut "Understanding Your Feng Shui Astrology"

  • 6 pm UK. (1 pm NYC): Tammi Moses "Solving the Hoarding Impulse Forever!"

  • 7 pm UK  (2 pm NYC): Preetibala "Feng Shui For Attracting Wealth & Abundance"

  • 8 pm UK  (3 pm NYC):  EJ Shaffert, Wrap Up

  • 8:15 pm UK (3:15 pm NYC) End

Are you unable to attend all sessions?
To enjoy & apply these valuable
Feng Shui lessons at any time, you can purchase the recordings and access 
them whenever you like!

Information about recordings will be sent to you once you have registered for the event.


Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum


Saturday 23rd October 2021

helen-sanderson-square (2).png

3 pm UK (10 am NYC):

Helen Sanderson 

Topic: "The Secret Psychology Of Clutter"

Your home reflects hidden aspects of you. Discover key things you need to address and reasons you might feel stuck.

Helen is an author, designer and one of the UKs most experienced and well-respected clutter experts.

lois Kramer Perez photo .jpg

4 pm UK (11 am NYC):

Lois Kramer-Perez 

Topic: "Say Hello and Know!     Introduction to Face Reading" 

Learn how to communicate with anyone on their terms just by looking at their face! 


Lois is known as "The Queen of the Shui" and is certified in Feng Shui, Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation and Energy Clearing.

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 20.19.23.png

5 pm UK  (12 noon NYC):  

E. J. Shaffert

Topic: "Healing the GeoPathic Stress Under Your Home"

Harness your innate healing powers to address negative Earth energies in your home.

E. J. Shaffert has been a Feng Shui consultant for over 20 years and is the director of the London School of Feng Shui.

ET head shot.jpg

6 pm UK (1 pm NYC):

Elliot Tanzer

Topic: "AstroCartoGraphy Maps Finding Your Best Place to Live" 

Use AstroCartoGraphy to help you choose your best locations on Earth to live.


Elliot has been an astrologer since 1974 and a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher since 1995, specializing in AstroCartoGraphy mapping.

Kristina Hollinger's photo .jpeg

7 pm UK (2 pm NYC):

Kristina Hollinger

Topic: "Empower Your Children With Feng Shui!" 

Learn to apply feng shui adjustments to help your children cultivate their natural confidence and wellbeing.

Kristina is a Feng Shui expert and author from Chicago. She was recently featured on HGTV Windy City Rehab.

Sandy Beach


Sunday 24th October 2021

Susan M Chu (1).jpg

3 pm UK (10 am NYC):

Susan M. Chu  

Topic: "Cultivating Qi with Crystals &Feng Shui"

Learn how to combine the power of crystals with Feng Shui to harmonize and energise the Qi in your home.


Susan started Feng Shui in junior high, and today teaches people to bring crystal Feng Shui into their lives.

Laurent Langlais' Headshot .jpg

4 pm UK (11 am NYC):

Laurent Langlais

Topic: "How to be Lucky with the Right Feng Shui"

Discover how to raise your Chi and connect with subtle energies, so you can generate more luck.

Laurent works with both classical Feng Shui and astrology to unleash your full potential.

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 20.38.04.png

5 pm UK  (12 pm NYC):

Kate MacKinnon & Ophira Edut

Topic: "Understand Your Feng Shui Astrology and 5 Elements"

Discover how five elements of Feng Shui astrology reveal your personality traits & patterns


Kate is the owner of Creative Feng Shui & Ophira is co-founder of and an official astrologer for ELLE Magazine.

Tammi moses headshot.jfif.jpeg

6 pm UK (1 pm NYC):  

Tammi Moses

Topic: "Solving the Hoarding Impulse Forever!"

Learn to create a triple win resolution to resolve hoarding situations and find new serenity in life.


Tammi is the Chief Encouragement Officer and Founder of Homes Are For Living, LLC, "The Hoarding Solution"

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 14.10.36.png

7 pm UK (2 pm NYC):


Topic: "Feng Shui For Attracting Wealth & Abundance"

Learn to use Feng Shui principles to attract limitless abundance, wealth, prosperity and happiness into your life.


Preetibala is a renowned Feng Shui expert, lifestyle guru, global traveler, and life & spirituality coach. 

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This International Summit is now over...


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Image by Jaanus Jagomägi

This summit is hosted by
The London School of Feng Shui
A Gold Level School in the
International Feng Shui Guild

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